Aluminum Mobile Notebook Workstation Cart, Ziotek, ZT1110389




Aluminum Mobile Notebook Workstation Cart – Item SKU: 111 0389

Laptop computers can be taken anywhere and used anywhere… but it can be hard to use one while you’re moving it around. Our notebook workstation cart makes it very easy to roll your laptop around while you’re using it. You can easily adjust the height of the the heavy-duty laptop arm so the cart can be used while you’re sitting or standing. A locking bar secures your laptop to the tray to help prevent accidents. Assembly required. Computer not included.

  • Individual components in kit (all available separately)—
  • 111 0346: 47-inch quad-groove pole
  • 111 0383: 5-point wheel base
  • 111 0344: Laptop arm
  • 111 0385: Handle



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